Anu Malik talks about rap music and the current EDM and hip hop culture of India

Veteran musician and National Award winner Anu Malik talks about the transformation of Bollywood music from jazzy love songs to the new age rap numbers and his comeback into the industry.

Starting his career at a young age of 20, Anu Malik touched the peaks of fame and success with his work, giving Indian Bollywood industry some of the most classic tracks of the era. His unique style of creating music by fusing western inspirational tunes with the rhythms and beats of Indian classical instruments has created a new genre of music that makes almost every generation groove. Be it his earliest creations like Julie Julie or Baazigar O Baazigar or the latest pieces like Moh Moh Ke Dhaage; Anu Malik’s music is known and loved by every generation.

Working in the industry for four decades, Anu Malik has created more than 350 songs winning notable recognitions for many of them including the National Award for his creations for the movie Refugee in 2001. Announcing a comeback into the industry after a brief break, Anu Malik talks about the new age rap music culture of Bollywood and how the new creators are transforming the entire Bollywood music game making it more competitive day by day.

Cutting through genres of music with his creations like Tere Dar Par Sanam, Oonchi hai Building, and Gori Gori; Anu Malik has proven his versatility by adapting to almost every genre and creating masterpieces in each. He believes that Bollywood music today is more about thumping beats and heavy sounds than lyrical symphonies. He reminisces the older era of slow tempo music that not only enjoyed a simpler rhythmic flow but also presented heartfelt lyrics that touched people’s hearts. However, he adds that the transformations initiated by new musicians of today are inevitable and in fact necessary for Bollywood to stay up to date with the trends. The craze for rap songs by artists like Bohemia,Badshah,Naezy and many other popular young rap stars has in fact created a new genre of music that is not only enjoyed by the latest generation but is rather an important addition to the history of Indian Bollywood music and it is this new trend that he wishes to explore as he marks his debut into Bollywood again this year.

With his veteran experience and his versatility to master every form and style of music, Anu Malik’s comeback surely has all of us awaiting his masterpieces in the new age styles of music giving us some new chartbusters to groove on.