Anu Malik and Mohit Chauhan to come together for a new movie!

Bollywood's most loved music director Anu Malik and a silvery voice of the nation Mohit Chauhan reunite to create a power packed new song for a Bollywood movie set to release in the upcoming year.

According to sources for Anu Malik News, the veteran music director and producer was spotted along with playback singer Mohit Chauhan at the Yashraj Studios where the duo came together to record their latest creation for the movie. The song is set to be a part of a big banner movie that is soon to be announced and the lyrics of the song have been reported to be penned down by renowned Lyricist Sameer. Anu Malik and Mohit Chauhan have earlier worked together in the year 2008 to create the song 'Yaad Teri Aaye' for the movie 'Ugli aur Pagli' starring Mallika Sherawat and Ranveer Shorey which not only came to be one of their most loved creations but also made their relationship a one of a kind success combination in Bollywood that each looked forward to having. Despite having different styles and approaches to music, it is after all these years that the two have come together for a new song and have been working on it at Yashraj Studios for a few weeks now. The final recording has said to be recently completed at the Yashraj Studios and we cannot wait for it to hit the charts soon and groove us with its beats.

With a four decade long career in the industry, Anu Malik has undoubtedly proven his skills with his unique style and his courage to stand away from the crowd and create his own niche. Starting his career at an age of 20, Anu Malik has cut across almost all genres and forms of music ranging from his very first compositions in the year 1977 for the movie 'Hunterwali' to his smashing hits for the movie 'Baazigar' in 2002 and to the classic melodies of 'Gori Gori' and 'Tumse milke dil ka hai jo haal' for the movie 'Main Hoon Na' and to even the soulful verses of 'Moh Mohke Dhaage' for the movie 'Dum Laga Ke Haisha'; Anu Malik has remained a master of music throughout his journey winning several acclaims nationally.

On the other hand, Mohit Chauhan stands today as one of the most admired playback singers winning the hearts of many in the country. The new collaboration therefore seems to be the perfect marriage of passion and versatility of the veteran music composer Anu Malik and the purity and expertise of the rock star of Bollywood Mohit Chauhan.

In addition to this, Anu Malik news claims that the song also marks the beginning of a new chapter in his illustrious career and has got the entire industry awaiting. With a partnership of the best, the song is sure to be a masterpiece and a number that Bollywood will remember as an evergreen composition.