The singing sensation of Bollywood Anu Malik makes a comeback on Indian Idol

Music is the essence of life; especially for creative geniuses, who are in the art of making music. Anu Malik is one of them, who after a long hiatus, is making a comeback on Indian Idol. His relationship with Indian Idol began in the year 2004 and since then the reality show and Anu Malik have been inseparable. Anu Malik was the main attraction of Indian Idol, but due to some commitments he decided to take a break. The audience really missed him because his presence not only boosted the TRPs of the show, but also motivated the participants to believe in themselves.

Everyone knows that during the 90’s, Anu Malik created pure magic with his brilliant compositions. His songs "Oonchi Hai Building", "East or West India is the best" and "Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen" are still played at weddings, pubs and various events. The Bollywood industry has been blessed with gems like Anu Malik, who has redefined music and given it a new direction. But the man doesn’t limit himself just to Bollywood, he goes beyond that. He has made a stupendous impact with his Singles such as “Dekho Barish Ho Rahi Hai”, “Tera Chehra”, “Dhua Dhua” and the English album, “Eyes”.

He recently released his latest Single album called ‘Monday’, which has become an instant hit and crossed a million views on YouTube. The song is composed and sung by Anu Malik and features him. This particular song is very close to his heart because it talks about the struggles of life and how one should never give up and keep moving forward. Anu Malik surely surprises his audience with his music as he loves to express himself through his songs. The man is genuinely humble even after winning many Filmfare awards and one National award.